Mittwoch, 28. November 2012

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Free GTA V Beta Key Giveaway

Welcome to the first Free GTA V Beta Key Giveaway,
This is the first pre release GTA V Beta Key Giveaway. We are currently adding 25000 unique GTA V Beta Keys on our website GTA V  for each console (PC, Xbox 360 & PS3)!

Today, you have great free opportunity to Download your unique key and Get Ready For The GTA V Beta!!!


1) When will the giveaway start and when will it stop?
The giveaway will start on 10th November and it will keep going until the game is full released.

2) How many keys do you give per day?
We are giving away 1000 Beta keys per 24 hours, or 6000 Beta keys in six days.After the sixth day we reset the keys and add 6000 hundred new keys for each type of console. So eveyone can have the chance to grab one GTA V Beta key.

3) Is this giveaway official?
Yes,this is an official giveaway approved by Rockstar Games.

4) What is going on if the key I just downloaded, does not work?
Then, someone else has downloaded and used that key, just before you. In this case that is not problem, just download another key for yourself.

5) How many keys I can download per day?
You can download a maximun amount of 5 keys.

Good luck!
And download your GTA 5 Beta key here.